The Leadership Vaccine Quickstart workshop

for Senior Leaders in Pharma & Biotech

24th February 2020, London

We are delighted to invite you to a 3 hour complimentary workshop introducing The Leadership Vaccine Methodology.  

This workshop is designed to allow you to develop a 9 month plan for increasing engagement, resilience and commitment in your team.

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The Leadership Vaccine Methodology

This workshop is designed for:

  • Group Leaders

  • Global / Regional Heads

  • Department Heads

  • Leaders of Leaders

  • Founders / Directors

The Tenets of the Leadership Vaccine

There are 7 Tenets that underpin our Leadership Philosophy - these are divided into 3 stages within the programme:  Foundation, the 5 Pillars of Team Excellence and Review

  • Foundation - Value your strengths, understand your blindspots, develop empathy for others

    By being more self-aware of our own personality preferences it allows us to be more mindful of how we communicate, make decisions, react to stress and how we lead our teams. Developing empathy allows us to recognise other’s potentially opposing preferences and how we may sometimes act, or indeed react, in ways that do not serve our colleagues well.

  • Pillar 1 - Advocate for the right culture in your team

    Setting direction and fostering trust through the development of a team purpose, vision for the future and shared team values.

  • Pillar 2 - Clarify the scope and boundaries of your team responsibilities and activities

    Ensuring seamless links with interfacing organisations and teams, thereby removing gaps and/or duplication in cross functional projects and processes.

  • Pillar 3 - Create the right organisation structure

    Not only in terms of the organisation chart itself but in mindset, removing hierarchical constraints and ensuring empowerment of all team members. Establishing subject matter expertise and accountability at all levels within the team.

  • Pillar 4 - Inspire and activate your team by providing excellent staff development opportunities

    So that the individuals within the team have not only the skills, but also the confidence to continuously improve themselves, their processes and their outputs.

  • Pillar 5- eNable your team to develop robust, efficient and future-proofed end-to-end processes

    With enhanced oversight where issues and risks are identified early, mitigated proactively and lead to robust improvements.

  • Review and Sustain - Execute regular reviews to ensure ongoing team development and re-setting as needed

    Once in this holistic mindset, rather than only focusing performance reviews on individuals, leaders can then perform periodic reviews across the team’s Culture, Scope, Structure, Staff and Processes to ensure continuous development and improvement in all areas following scientific, technological and/or regulatory advancement thereby avoiding the need to perform expensive and disruptive organisation overhauls following unchecked scope or structural creep.

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