We are delighted to be working with a highly experienced team of expert mentors, speakers and trainers to ensure we bring to our clients a truly remarkable experience

Rebecca Godfrey

Founder & Lead Facilitator

Rebecca is the founder of Etheo Limited and the creator of our programmes. Rebecca leads the Leadership Vaccine core modules and all short courses and workshops.

Rebecca is a scientist by background having completed a PhD in Immunology at the University of Cambridge. Since leaving academic research, Rebecca's career has given her the opportunity to build and develop a successful drug safety consultancy business, work with and lead colleagues from more than 90 countries, live and work abroad and lead organisations and groups in roles ranging from Company Director of a small consultancy to Global Head and Global Director roles in two of the world's top 10 pharma companies.

Having thoroughly enjoyed a fruitful and successful career so far, in 2018 Rebecca took the leap to set up Etheo bringing her wealth of business experience, outstanding leadership skills, strategy and process development expertise and passion for meeting new challenges to support individuals and leaders build cohesive, high performing teams with a focus on operational excellence.

Rebecca has been featured on BBC Radio, Sky TV and in numerous in print and online articles discussing leadership and contributed to the #1 Best-selling book "Fit for Purpose Leadership 5" with a chapter titled "Vaccinate your Leaders, Secure the future of your teams".

Rebecca's book "The Leadership Vaccine is due for release in early 2020.

Dominic Colenso

IMPACT Mentor - The Leadership Vaccine - London Live

We are delighted to have Dominic join us to lead the IMPACT Masterclass in The Leadership Vaccine programme to support our leaders in being more confident, increasing their influence and knowing what to say under pressure.

Dominic is an international speaker, TEDX speaker and is the Founder and Head Performance Coach at In Flow training where he supports individuals and organizations around the world in improving their ability to convey their message and to perform under pressure. 

Dominic has been delivering training and one-to-one coaching in the private and public sectors for the last 10 years. Previously as a professional actor, Dominic worked extensively on stage and screen before training as a director at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in London. Performing in many of the UK’s leading theatres including The National Theatre and The Royal Court, Dominic has appeared on film in everything from BBC period dramas to big budget action movies. He is best known for playing the role of Virgil Tracy in the Hollywood adaptation of Thunderbirds alongside Bill Paxton and Ben Kingsley.

Dominic’s experience and fascination in how the use of the body, breath and voice can influence performance led him to set up In Flow. He now focuses on delivering his innovative training methodology and techniques to help individuals flourish and organisations grow.

In 2019 Dominic released his number one best-selling book IMPACT - how to be more confident, increase your influence and know what to say under pressure.

You can learn more about Dominic at www.inflow.global.

Jon Hill

RESILIENCE Mentor - The Leadership Vaccine - London Live

We are delighted to have Jon join us to lead the RESILIENCE masterclass in The Leadership Vaccine programme to support our leaders in looking after themselves so that they can better look after their teams.

Jon is an experienced corporate trainer and executive coach, specialising in working with groups and individuals around leadership, well-being and resilience. With a background in health and social care,

Jon now works with a range of clients within the corporate and the public sector. In recent years these have included Cisco Systems, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Salesforce, local London Brorough Social Services, and the NHS.

Jon is the founder of Blueprint Coaching and Training Ltd, where he specialises in helping people to maximize their impact, and to thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding world by focusing on developing habits that increase energy and maintain resilience.

Jon holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. He is also an accredited Co-Active Coach, certified with the International Coaching Federation. In recent years he has developed a focus on mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Jon has co-authored two books - popular self-help title 'ACTivate Your Life' (2015) and 2019's Acceptance and Commitment Coaching: Distinctive Features.

You can learn more about Jon at www.jon-hill.com

Mo Haque

Patient Advocate - The Leadership Vaccine - London Live

We are delighted to have Mo join us to bring with him the voice of the patient as our PATIENT ADVOCATE on The Leadership Vaccine programme. The patient is at the centre of all we do in the Pharma and Biotech industries and therefore we feel that it is vital to connect to this purpose right from the very start of this programme.

Mo Haque is a blogger, fundraiser, patient advocate, author and speaker. In 2014, Mo unexpectedly found himself in the role of cancer patient . Having spent over ten years in personal and student development, Mo approached his diagnosis with vulnerability, authenticity and a search for meaning. After the health system could no longer provide him with any treatment, Mo raised £190,000 for a new experimental drug and, as a result, has seen his cancer reduce and stabilise. Mo now serves as a patient advocate, features in publications and in the media, and also shares his insights at industry conferences and events.

Mo has a passion for people empowerment, and is applying his previous professional experience to the cancer space, to help patients find their voice in what can be a daunting process. His mission is to empower patients to liberate their lives. Mo believes the cancer landscape is changing rapidly with new advancements in science, but access to drugs can be a huge barrier. He wants his story to help pave the way for others to get access to life-saving treatment.

Having been featured on BBC Radio, ITV and in the Independent, in 2018 Mo released his book Choosing to Stay - How Cancer gave me my life back. 

You can learn more about Mo at www.mohaque.com

Lorna Reeves

Events Manager - Live Events

We are delighted to have Lorna join the team to ensure that the environment for each or our workshops or Masterclasses is designed so as to allow for a highly engaging, comfortable and inspiring day. We feel that this is a vital aspect of the programme, no more windowless, grey basement training rooms!

Environment plays a key part in this programme, from the space we are in to the company that we are surrounded by and so no detail has been left to chance. Lorna, who founded MyOhMy Events in 2019, provides a complete delegate experience, concentrating on delivering a multisensory experience, enhancing delegate learning and growth. She will also serve as a key point of contact for all participants on the day in addition to the workshop leaders.

Lorna is familiar with working in high pressure roles where high quality and attention to detail is vital, having 15 years experience of working in technically and strategically challenging roles in the field of Forensics for the Metropolitan Police Service.

Lorna is also the founder of the award winning MyOhMy Weddings, which provides a luxury wedding service to the LGBT community.

You can learn more about Lorna at: www.myohmyevents.com

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